How to Handle Issues with Circuit Breakers and Fuse Boxes

One of the most common problems that cause people to call in an electrician, such as those that work with Mastro Electric Supply Co., Inc., is tripped circuit breakers. You may also have heard these parts referred to as a fuse box, electrical box, or service panel. This system helps prevent overheating with too many items plugged into an outlet. Whether you’re a new homeowner or having this problem for the first time, it’s helpful to learn about how you can prepare your home to help you handle the situation on your own. Knowing how to deal with this situation can help you get your electricity working as quickly as possible once it goes out.

Know How to Locate

If you don’t know where the circuit breakers are located, you need to take the time to locate them as quickly as possible. They are typically in a gray metal box or behind a metal door on the wall. You should check your garage, basement, or along the exterior of your home. If you live in a condominium or apartment, you should also check your laundry room or closets. Older homes may have more than one, so make sure that you know where all of the fuse boxes are located. Once you locate it, you may want to include a drawing of where you can locate it in case you forget and an emergency arises.

Use Labels

Before you find yourself dealing with a tripped circuit breaker, it would be helpful to label the circuits. Try flipping one off at a time and check your home to determine which rooms are covered. You can make a list of the branch circuits and write in what rooms they’re associated with, or you may want to purchase stickers or labels to number the circuits right in the fuse box. This will help you know which circuit you should reset, which can save you lots of time.

Try Resetting

When the circuit breaker needs to be reset, you should locate the fuse box, determine which one was tripped, and flip the circuit breaker. Check to see if this fixes your problem. If it doesn’t work now, you may need to replace it. Have a professional come to your home to check for faulty wiring, short circuits, or electrical issues with your appliances.

Install Additional Breakers

If you continue to have issues with your circuit breakers, you may need to install additional ones in your home. Before you can do this, check the capacity and power supply of your home. You can add the current ratings to compare the total amount of power that your fuse box can handle. If you can add additional ones, you should have these installed into your service panel. It’s best to refer to an experienced professional when installing these in order to complete the task without injuring yourself or harming your home.

When it comes to handling issues with your circuit breakers, you can be prepared by knowing where to locate the fuse box, labeling the circuit breakers, understanding how to reset it and when to replace it, and considering the installation of additional breakers to handle the usage amount in your home. If you have any questions about your circuit breakers, make sure that you address them to experienced professionals such as those working for Mastro Electric Supply Co., Inc.

What to Know before Building Your Dream Home

Do you want to build the dream home you have always wanted? In today’s world, building your very own home can be a rewarding experience. However, it can also be full of problems, hassles, and dangers. If you are interested in a new home design, read these tips first.

Be Careful

The first thing you need to do before building your dream home is to make certain that you can’t find what you are looking for in an existing home. The entire customization process will take a lot more time, effort, and money than you would spend buying an existing home. Most people dream of fairly common things (like a pool, two levels, a landscaped yard, or other features). Finding an existing home with your specific list of features shouldn’t be too hard.

If you do have the resources necessary to build your own home, then you have no reason to avoid doing so. However, you need to be careful each step along the way. For more information on anything mentioned, visit a website like today.

The first thing you should know is that most lending companies will handle loans for custom homes differently than they would an existing home. To understand how, imagine yourself buying a new car. If you want to buy a sports car and turn it into a track-ready racer, you will usually need to pay for any upgrades and performance enhancing accessories on your own. Banks won’t lend you money for more than the vehicle’s price, so you are on your own with those additions. When buying a custom home, the process is similar. If you want elaborate extra features and additions (such as marble statues or a fountain in the back), you might need to have the cash on hand to pay the builder yourself.

You are usually going to need to handle any permits and licenses on your own. Most builders are not equipped or capable of handling any legal requirements your city and state have in place. If you want to build a custom home, make sure you contact your city beforehand to see if what you want to do is even possible.

Keep in mind that many builders will also help with renovations or remodeling. It might be more appropriate for you to turn your existing home into your dream home. If you have questions about what is possible, contact a builder before making any major plans.

One of the last things to consider is that you can get warranties on the work or products a builder uses. If you were worried about peace of mind, you don’t need to. Ask your preferred builder what they will cover during your consultation.

As you can probably see, there is a lot to building your dream home. If you are still interested, contact a builder through a website like and set up a free consultation today.

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Cars need an oil change after they were on the road for a while. The vehicles perform better after they were maintained. The sample principle counts for HVAC systems. Homeowners should complete maintenance routinely to ensure that their heating and cooling systems work well. Request tips from experts like Kanawha Valley Maintenance. You can also learn from the following suggestions.

Replace Filters

Are you worried about the air quality inside your house? Replace filters for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems regularly. Skimping on quality is a regrettable mistake. The equipment will not perform efficiently. The savings on your utility bill will not be as impressive either. Research today’s filter types and brands. Make sure that you buy the right size. Replace filters every 1 to 6 months. The frequency depends on usage and filter quality.

Outdoor Units

Inspect and adjust the unit’s refrigerant level. Remove any covering. Clean off visible dirt, debris, and leaves. Inspect the base pan. Remove obstructions if you see any. Drain openings should be unrestricted to prevent problems. Check all other unit components, including the fan motor and blades. Older models may need more lubricant. Inspect the control box, connections, circuit boards, electrical wiring, and compressor. Call a repair technician whenever you notice damage. Even minor problems need to be fixed. It does not take much for them to turn into a major disaster.

Indoor Units

Pre-season maintenance is important for all HVAC systems. If you want to prevent system failure during extreme hot or cold days, consider the following maintenance tips:

  • Lubricate the motor
  • Clean or exchange air filters
  • Look for gas leaks, if applicable
  • Check all parts of a furnace or AC unit
  • Replace broken or corroded components

A lot of valuable information is listed in appliance manuals. Did you lose the documentation? Many handbooks are now available online. You can also contact local companies selling and servicing HVAC systems. Experts like Kanawha Valley Maintenance offer free advice. They can also complete repairs and suggest systems when the old one needs to be replaced.

What Homeowners Need to Know about Roof Protection

It is true! A home’s roof will not last forever. Eventually, it will need to be replaced. Like with all basic building components, homeowners can extend the lifespan of the surface through regular maintenance. They can complete the work themselves, or hire an expert like Academy Roofing. Research the various maintenance methods before pulling out the ladder. You can also learn from the following suggestions.

Complete Repairs Promptly

Proprietors should inspect their home’s roof at least twice a year. Do it more often if you experienced a lot of extreme weather conditions. The wind can toss a lot of debris around. When it lands badly on the surface, shingles can chip. Rain and snow are also culprits. Moisture is bad, especially when there are holes in the surface or some of the shingles came loose. It is best to have the damage repaired at once, because it will expand if you wait too long.

Remove Debris Regularly

If there are too many twigs and leafs on the roof, birds may get the idea to build a comfy nest in the gutters. Keep the roof clean. Use a sturdy broom or power washer to remove rubble, leafs, tree branches, and anything else that landed on the roof. There are no effective chemical treatments that can protect ordinary surfaces from flying debris and natural elements like the sun, rain, wind, and snow. Do not forget to clean out gutters and downspouts as well.


Moisture seeping inside through shingle damage and missing components can have long-term effects. Even if the roof was sealed, coating can break up over time. It has to be reapplied once weak areas have been fixed. Working on a roof can be dangerous for inexperienced handymen. The work should be completed by an expert. Professionals know which sealing products are the most efficient for your specific roof type. They will also check the roof’s condition around vents and chimneys where flashing is used.

Roof Coating

Different kinds of rubber roof coating kits can be purchased at hardware supply stores. Smart shoppers study the products that can be used on their specific roof type, which can be metal, tile, PVC, etc. Establish which qualities the coating should have. Do you want protection against UV light, or do you prefer a formula that delays water leaks? Determine if you want a silicone-based product, polyurea, high-performance urethane, or something else.

Hire an Expert

The right decision would be to hire a professional roofer for checkups and repairs. Companies like Academy Roofing are an excellent source for quality services. Skilled technicians stay current on changes in their industry. If there are positive developments, they will be the first to know.

Air Conditioning Facts Homeowners Should Know About

New homeowners, and even seasoned ones, often ask questions about the appliances and systems in their house. Knowledge can help them to maintain the components better. Keeping them in optimal shape saves energy and extends their lifespan. Approach an AC expert if you have questions about air conditioning in Orange Park, FL. Living in Florida, you need a reliable cooling system. There are many interesting HVAC facts you should know about, including the 7 listed below.

1. Fun Fact

Have you ever thought about where you would be living if your home had no air conditioning? States like Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida would not be as populated if all cooling systems were suddenly removed. The country’s economic power would then be relocated to the northern states.

2. Reduce Your Utility Bill

It is a misconception that AC units should run at a low level during the day in order to cool the house down faster in the evening when everyone returns home from work or school. The fact is that AC units use electricity to run, regardless of the level they are set at. Cool the house down in the morning. Shut the unit off. Close windows, lower blinds, and pull the drapes shut to keep the cold air inside. Improve your home’s insulation whenever funds become available.

3. Air Circulation

Closing vents, doors, and ducts to unused living spaces increases an air conditioner’s efficiency levels. Cold air moves to where the heat is. That means that it will go to hot rooms, whether they are used or not. By disconnecting that room from your AC system, the rest of the home will stay cool for a lot less money.

4. Service Call Prices Vary

There is no general rule. All air conditioning service providers generate their own price lists. The charges cover their time, labor, travel time, and expertise. Request quotes from several companies if you want to find the best deal possible. Of course, lower prices do not always guarantee that you get quality work. Be cautious when an HVAC contractor charges for estimates. In general, quotes are free.

5. Myth Buster

You will not cool off the house quicker by setting the thermostat 5 to 7 degrees lower than the temperature you really desire. Despite what you think, the unit will not work faster because of your settings. That is not how these systems work. They can only extract a certain amount of hot air during a particular period and replace it with cold air.

6. Response Times Are Not Alike

There is quite a difference between responsible, customer-oriented contractors and those that only want to earn a comfortable living. Collect referrals from friends and family for air conditioning technicians. Ask them why they prefer these companies over others. A quick response time should be on that list. Find out how fast a technician is dispatched after the company receives a distress call that an AC unit has stopped working.

7. AC Systems Expire

The average lifespan of an AC unit varies between 14 and 20 years. System failure is influenced by usage and the amount of maintenance it received over the years. Ask a specialist when it is time to replace and upgrade your air conditioning in Orange Park, FL. Research which of today’s designs are energy-efficient and suitable for your home.

How to Buy New Homes in a Community

The biggest financial transaction most people ever make revolves around buying a real estate property. The majority of Americans long to own a house. They often opt for Dover new homes located in a well-respected community. Surrounded by like-minded people, it will be a breeze to settle and enjoy a nice life. If you are thinking about this type of residential housing solution, consider the following buying tips.

Hire a Local Realtor

If you are moving to Delaware from another state, research the real estate agents operating in the neighborhoods you are seriously considering. They know the area best, and can help you find a home that fits your family’s needs and budget. Read recently-posted online consumer reviews and testimonials to ensure that the expert you are hiring is the best in the area. Find an agency that offers clients closing cost assistance.

New Construction or Existing Structure

Some communities are fully completed, while others still have plots available. Are you looking forward to designing a home that fits all your requirements perfectly, or do you prefer a house you can move in right away? Even if you need to wait a couple of months to take possession, you can get established a lot faster than if you have to go through the building stages. As you can see, each option has pros and cons. It is a good reason to determine your priorities from the start.

Home Size Matters

Square footage needs to be calculated. Take possible family expansions into account. Young couples may want more children. Older ones may ask elderly parents to move in. Do you want pets? Will they be smaller or larger species? Yes, you can probably build on a room or two if the house becomes too cramped, but that is a lot of work. Home expansions are not cheap either. They can be prevented by discussing the future with your partner before committing.


Dover new homes consist of more than a couple of walls. Do you want a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and an island in the middle? Are you keen on a fireplace? Do you want a backyard? How many cars should be parked in the garage? Give a list of requirements to your Realtor. It will be easier for the expert to find your dream home.

Do Homeowners Need a Plumber for a Clogged Drain?

Is the water in the sink draining rather slowly? Was there no change after using a plunger? Did you try a natural cleaning method? Adding vinegar to a quarter cup of baking soda creates a foaming action that is often enough the clean pipes. If that does not work, it may be time to call an expert. Companies like Crowley Plumbing Heating Inc specialize in water, drain, and sewer systems. They can track down the culprit in your pipes. With the right tools and expertise, these contractors can restore your home in no time. When should you depend on professionals? Here are several scenarios many homeowners in Pennsylvania are familiar with.

Pour Hot Water in the Sink

It is very frustrating when the water in the sink is not draining at all. It just sits there. Try to scoop out as much as you can. Put it in a bucket or plastic tub. Soak up the rest with a sponge. Mix hot water with liquid dish detergent. Pour it down the drain. The hot water may loosen up the clog or melt grease that got stuck to the pipe’s walls. The soap acts as a lubricant.

Use a Sink Plunger

Check the sink. Many designs have an overflow opening. That hole needs to be stuffed to make the pressure that the plunger creates more effective. You can use a wet cloth or rag. Buy the right plunger as there is a difference between the ones for toilet clogs and the devices used to dislodge obstructions in pipes connected to sinks and tubs. Sink plungers are easy to use. The cup should cover the drain opening. Add a few inches of clean water. Plunge up and down with short strokes. If that does not break up the clog, you have a few other options.

Apply a Plumber’s Auger

This valuable tool can be used in sinks and bathtubs. It is not recommended for toilets. The auger or plumber’s snake consists of a bendable cable with a steel auger bit on the end. The wire is coiled inside a protective canister. The cable is locked by a thumbscrew. As the drum is turned, the auger bit and line also rotate. This motion can break up a clog when it is not situated too deep inside the pipe. Once the parts of the obstruction have been reduced in size, they can be easily flushed away. Augers and plungers can be purchased at local hardware stores. They can also be ordered from online vendors. Be careful when using sharp objects. Scratches can be impossible to remove.

Clog Prevention

The best way to deal with drain obstructions is to prevent them from forming. Use drain strainers to stop unwanted particles from flushing down the line. Homeowners using a garbage disposal should read the manual to learn which food remnants should not be put in the chamber. Rice and pasta swell when mixed with water. Grease and fat can harden in the pipe when cooling off. Once these substances settle, they will attract particles floating by. Before long, a stubborn clog will make your life miserable.

Calling a Licensed Plumber

Some clogs are just too stubborn for ordinary repair solutions. Others are too far down the line. They cannot be reached with simple tools. If everything fails, do not hesitate to call an expert. Companies like Crowley Plumbing Heating Inc can easily take care of all your home’s water, drain, and sewer system needs.

Painting Services Create Beautiful Living Spaces

Changing the paint colors in your home is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to change the look of your home without embarking on an extensive remodel. As easy as it is to change the color of a room, the physical aspect of putting paint on the wall is not always a walk in the park. This is why there are professional painters like those at Pro Quality Painting that are willing to do the work for you.

Why Hire a Professional Painter?

Painting is one of those home improvement projects that homeowners feel like they should be able to accomplish on their own. As true as this may be, some people are just better suited to let someone else handle the job than to risk messing up their walls or the floors.

There is more to painting than simply pushing a roller across the wall. You have to prime your surface, tape off areas that you don’t want to be accidentally painted such as the baseboards, and trim around your windows and doors. This isn’t hard to do, but it is time consuming. Also, it is very possible that you may not place the tape in the right area and then you have an imperfect spot; a blemish that stands out on what could have been a pristine surface.

Professional painters that have spent years honing their craft can often paint your walls without even worrying about taping. Instead, they have special tools and the talent to “cut in” around your baseboards, trim, and where the wall meets the ceiling.

Specialty Paint Jobs

Many homeowners choose to hire professional painters to help them with specialty paint jobs. Examples of these types of jobs may include:

  • Painting two or three-story entry ways or great rooms
  • Applying certain painting techniques such as giving a wall a plaster effect
  • Creating designs on walls like murals for kids’ rooms

While hardware and paint stores sell all the materials you will need for paint jobs like these, the thought of buying special equipment and then having to learn how to create the effect isn’t exactly the way that many people want to spend their time off from work.

On extremely popular style of painting is adding stripes to wall. Vertical stripes can create the illusion of height and space, while horizontal stripes can give your walls a unique twist on the stripe concept. As interesting as stripes might make a wall, painting these stripes is not as easy as you may think. You have to take the time to measure precisely and you have to make sure that your tape is properly adhered to the wall to prevent any sort of bleed through when painting. Most homeowners prefer to leave stripes to the professionals.

Hiring a Professional Painter

Chances are you have seen signs at the entrance of subdivisions for paint services. While there is nothing wrong about a handyman or woman offering to paint your home, it’s not the same as hiring a professional painting service that focuses strictly on painting. Handy services that offer painting services on the side may not be as knowledgeable about certain tricks of the trade that can make your walls look fantastic and blemish free.

When hiring a professional painting service like Pro Quality Painting, make sure that they have the necessary experience and referrals to back up this experience.

Why You Might Consider Resurfacing Your Bathroom

If you live in an older home, you’re probably not at all happy about your bathrooms. While your tub, shower, sink, and floor still function fine, they probably just don’t look pretty. Unfortunately, remodeling a bathroom can get really expensive. However, did you know that you can resurface your bathroom instead? When you hire experts such as the Bathroom Resurfacing Specialists, you can make your bathroom look like new without remodeling.

What Is Resurfacing?

As long as your bathtub is still working properly, there is no reason to replace it. However, an older tub is going to have cracks and stains in it. When you resurface a tub, you basically apply a new layer on top that makes it look like new. This layer can look completely different from before. For example, if you want to have a green tub instead of a white one, that’s not a problem at all.

In addition to resurfacing your tub, you can change the look of your fixtures, your sink, your shower, and even your bathroom tiles. The great thing is that you can choose between a variety of styles and colors when you resurface your bathroom. Depending on your choices of styles and colors, you might not recognize it at all afterwards.

Resurfacing versus Remodeling

Resurfacing is a great option when your biggest concern is the outdated look of your bathroom. However, if your bathroom is in bad repair and you have broken tiles, then you might have to go through a remodeling project instead. But generally, bathrooms don’t lose their functions. After all, it’s rather difficult to break a bathtub.

That’s why it makes sense to look into resurfacing for most people. There are two distinct advantages when you compare resurfacing with remodeling. First of all, resurfacing can be done at a fraction of the cost of a remodeling project. And second, it’s a lot quicker to resurface your bathroom than to remodel it.

Remodeling a bathroom will render it unavailable for many days and even weeks, especially if you’re replacing things like the bathtub. Obviously, this will create a lot of noise and debris that you’ll have to live with until the project is completed.

When you resurface your bathroom, you can often take before and after pictures on the same day. However, if you undertake a resurfacing project yourself, it will obviously take a lot longer. But either way, resurfacing will save you a lot of money compared to remodeling the bathroom.

Ready for a Change?

If you’re like most other homeowners, then you probably have more goals and projects than time and money. If you’re ready for a change of scenery in your bathroom, then resurfacing might be the answer to your problems. After all, it can be done relatively quickly and cheaply. Plus, when you think about the difference it will make to you, there is really no reason not to get started.

Before you hire contractors such as the Bathroom Resurfacing Specialists to update your bathroom, you need to figure out what you want. Even though you’re not remodeling, you still get to redesign the look of your bathroom the way you want to. From the style of your bathroom tiles to the color of your bathtub, you can change pretty much everything about your current bathroom.

The Best Ways to Save Energy at Home

In today’s world, saving the environment isn’t just a fad; it’s a part of life. One of the most important ways you can protect the environment is to use less energy. And using less energy begins at home. Living in an energy efficient home is a dream of most Americans. Between saving money and keeping Johnny Polar Bear in good health, there are plenty of reasons why it’s a great idea to stop wasting energy. Are you looking to boost your home’s energy efficiency? From the smallest tips to the largest overhauls, here are a few ideas that you might like.

Energy Savings

If you want to save energy and money, start with the biggest energy hog in your home. Your HVAC system is likely responsible for consuming more energy than anything else in, on, or around your home. Keeping your home warm during the winter and cool all summer requires a lot of money. The best way to cut how much money you spend (and how much energy you waste) is to install a new HVAC system. Modern heating and cooling systems can cut your energy bills in half. Unfortunately, replacing your entire HVAC system can cost several thousand dollars. If you don’t have that much money, call a company like Enright. They can service your HVAC system and ensure it is working properly. It might not save as much as buying a new one, but if you get yours serviced, it will save you money and energy every month.

On the other end of the cost scale is a suggestion that won’t cost you anything. Did you know that how you use your blinds can impact how much money you spend each month? During the summer try and keep your blinds closed. You might like to look out and see the beautiful summer sun, but doing so will cost you money. Your blinds can help keep some of the sun’s warmth out of your home. That means you will need to run your AC less and spend less money. During the winter, do just the opposite. If you allow sunlight in, it will take some of the burden off of your HVAC system.

Do you use electronic devices on a daily basis? If so, consider unplugging them each night. Even in standby mode, your television, game systems, computer, and other devices will devour electricity (and the money in your wallet). Unplug them or turn off the power strips if you want to save money.

One other way to save money and energy is to use less water. If you can shorten your showers, avoid leaving the sink running while washing dishes or brushing your teeth, and avoid wasting water while cooking, you can have a huge impact on your wallet every year.

Whether you call a company like Enright or shut your blinds, there are ways to save energy and money every day.